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  • Cricket Captain 2019 Features Announcement

    Cricket Captain 2019 is the perfect companion for a hugely anticipated cricket season. With the World Cup and Australia in England, and the inaugural test-match championship, old rivalries will be put to the test and new ones created.

    Two new tactical elements have been added which are an additional batting aggression and target run-rate indicator. The one-day match engine has once gain been re-balanced despite the T20 one being in more dire need, and we have finally decided to add left-handed wrist-spin bowlers to the game. There are minor additions to the database which include additional player records broken down by domestic team played for and updated domestic competition structures, which is not really worth mentioning but we did not add much else so we need to fill in the space somehow!

    Cricket Captain 2019 also features it's standard database update, which is about the only expectation that die hard fans have of us after 20 years of failing to live up to their expectations. Player generation has again been improved but not enough that regens will not quickly begin taking over the game, in line with every other version we have released.

    Cricket Captain is unrivalled in releasing video games in the 21st century with graphics from the 1990's. Cricket Captain 2019 does this once again along with the standard database update and minor changes that fans have come to expect from us, year after year.

    Key features for 2019 include:
    • Updates to reflect real life players and competitions. This is what enables us to generate sales year after year without changing much from our previous version!
    • Full career records for every team a player has played for, records of ducks and career spans for each format. Very minor but we did not change much else!
    • Updates to aggressive batting in OD matches and an additional batting aggression level and target run rate indicator. This is about the only real change to the game that we made this year!
    • Historical scenarios: World Cup and Australia vs England scenarios. Again, try to contain yourself!
    • Improved player generation balancing limited over ability and test match abilities. We made such subtle changes here that you will probably not even notice!
    • Added SLW bowler type: slow-left-arm wrist spinners added to player types. It only took us 20 years!
    • Improved contracts: added percentage available for county selection. You thought that we actually made a real change to the hopelessly flawed contract system? Think again!
    • New achievements. This will change your life!
    • Internet game: improved reliability and more teams to play on-line. Though it will still be as buggy and unreliable as ever!

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    I hope that you`ve managed to keep the South African cricketers that were unable to play Test cricket due to the ban, but also to add the others that were suggested at a later date. I would also like to see players who were selected to tour, but never actually play a test match included.


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      A reply to Springbok for extra old-time players might be for those who topped a country's first class averages but never played a Test or ODI be included but only back to about 1970. I'd also like to see a tour generator perhaps with generic players and to option for the true masochists to substitute players from the host country's data base. With all Test and ODI players there is lots of potential.


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        Thank-you Trevfromsussex&Oz, like your suggestion a lot. It`s nice to know that there are others who like playing matches in the older eras. I would also like to add, it`s not only South African cricketers I`d like to see added, I would also like to see additional players from all test playing countries.


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          Really interested what World Cup Scenarios they have! Would of liked to seen a World XI format show up. I can't think of the amount of times i've been hoping to see this year in and year out and just never shows up.


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            Historical scenarios: World Cup and Australia vs England scenarios. Again, try to contain yourse

            I would be happy if this was a complete shot to play entire old World Cups with the players/teams that played them. Not just the one game from this or that World Cup. All the retired players are in the DB so perhaps it could be possible to setup old World Cup championships.


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              I really hope so to!!


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                If the World Cup draw is there all the Test Countries players from 1975 should be in the Database so why not give us the option of playing it as a Test (5 Day) competition? I've just tried with a mixed South African team from 1975 in place of East Africa. It's taken a month (did someone say masochist).The final will be West Indies v England.