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    Originally posted by klais View Post
    I think Jono Dean should maybe be only aggressive, not very aggressive.He has not played any first class cricket, but in the Australian reserve league he tends to score at a fairly normal rate. In his last game for the ACT he faced 108 balls and only scored 46.
    I agree, it's always tough with players who don't have any first-class experience. We'll move him down to aggressive.

    Also it might be a bit extreme to have Jonothan Wells as very defensive. His strike rates aren't great, but he is very proactive and faces very few dots. If that comes into consideration with the batters aggression, than maybe he should just be defensive.
    Definitely agreed, he'll be moved up to defensive.

    Sam Heazlett is also down as being average aggression, when I think aggressive would be more suitable. He has a good one day strike rate and is regarded as someone who plays their shots. He has often played for struggling sides, and might have slightly lower strike rates because of this.
    Definitely, I think he has had to come in at times where his team is struggling and build a score, so that probably has affected his strike rate.

    Cameron Gannon has lost some pace since he remodelled his action. I would think he is RFM now rather than RMF.
    Yeah I agree, we'll move him to RFM.

    I'm also not sure as Lalor as LMF. He is quicker than Gannon, but I think tends to work in 130s and rarely pushes 140kph.
    I think we'll keep him as LMF as he is definitely quicker than Gannon and did manage to hit 140s a few times last year.

    I'm pretty sure Rob Quiney is retired now. Might be worth checking.
    Yep, he is. We've retired him on the game.

    Daniel Worrall is probably only RFM not RMF in my view. He usually operates in the low 130s and looks to swing the bowl rather than fire it done. Similar case to Lalor.
    I'm not too sure on Worrall, as his pace seems to vary from game to game, most often hitting 130s but can sporadically hit 140. I think I will move him down to RFM.

    Hilfenhaus is not as quick as he once was either, meaning he could probably be lowered to RFM.
    Definitely, he'll be lowered to RFM.

    Ashton Turner is down as average, but he is quite an aggressive batter. His list A and T20 strike rates reflect this, and he was always a quick scorer when he captained Australia's youth teams. I think aggressive would be good, but he might even be bordering on very aggressive.
    He is definitely a quicker scorer than average, and a lot of people are also making this point. Even beforehand I had him down to be changed, so I definitely agree. He'll certainly be aggressive, and I'll have a look to see if he qualifies to very aggressive, you certainly make a compelling argument.

    I think Mitchell Marsh could also be bumped up to aggresive. He is a natural shot maker, and also can't defend
    Definitely agree, he'll be bumped up to aggressive and also given a skills upgrade. His lack of defense has certainly been a problem in the past for Australia...

    Aiden Blizzard has always been considered quite an aggressive batter. His SRs might be higher, but he has failed to make big scored at domestic level. Their still pretty good nonetheless.
    Blizzard is retired now, so he'll be removed from the Thunder anyway. I'm not sure if he'll be on the All-Time Greats database, but if so, he'll be moved up.

    Its early days, but I think Nair should be defensive rather than very defensive. It's hard to say though.
    I think he does bat more aggressively than very defensive, so he'll be bumped up.

    Thanks again for your feedback, people like you help us improve the game for everyone


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      Shadab Khan just left the Brisbane Heat and Also James Pattinson is also at the Brisbane Heat

      Both now correct.
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        Originally posted by Heisenberg View Post

        This is for the Big Bash 2017/2018 tournament. Not for the up coming one this December.
        We have a sort of hybrid, I like to keep overseas in until a replacement is known. I like to change domestic players as and when they are known.


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          I've also moved Matt Short. Closing this now as I'm working through the threads and getting close to finalising DB.