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Cricket Captain 2018 Match Engine and Player Ability Improvements

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  • Cricket Captain 2018 Match Engine and Player Ability Improvements

    We have been working on improvements to the match engine for CC2018, with some significant upgrades to the realism and feel of the game.
    • With the addition of 4% and 6% statistics for every player in the database, we have updated the percentage of fours and sixes scored in the engine. The percentages have been balanced and matched across all game types and player aggression types.
    • Fielders now return to the bowler?s end, and will run batsmen out. This has improved the realism of run-scoring and quick single fielding.
    • Batsmen now react to field settings more realistically, including playing more leg-side shots against heavy offside fields.
    • We have ironed out some bugs with the run scoring at high aggression settings.
    • Issues with replay highlights not matching the internal engine have been resolved.
    • Combined with the new batting position preferences, the AI now sorts #3 to #7 in the batting order on player preference.
    Player ability generation has been completely overhauled to make better use of statistics in all forms of cricket.
    • Batsman and bowlers who only played T20 or OD cricket were often under-rated in previous versions. We spent a long time adjusting these players by hand, making use of feedback, but more obscure players would often be missed.
    • We now have a system that makes the most accurate initial rating possible of every player in the world, using all available data.
    • Player ability development has been improved, so that young players with limited stats or re-gens can develop into super-stars later in their careers.
    • A new dynamic player regeneration system which will see a greater variation in how players develop over the course of their careers
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    Does that mean a crappy regen who gets generated because you didn't fill the required squad quota in the contracts menu still having a chance to become a decent or a successful international player if he's lucky with the new development feature? Because those regens are extremely crappy and hardly improves.
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      Can you give us more insight on the dynamic player regeneration system?


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        This sounds like great work that will add real depth - exciting news! Batsmen definitely score a lot of their runs in boundaries these days - I miss nurdlers like Thorpe and Fairbrother.


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          Just how much can we expect young player's ability to improve? For example Jonathan Tattersall or Harry Brook with Yorkshire - they have very poor numbers in 2nd XI cricket in-game at the moment so can I expect them to be able to hold minimum an average of 30 in FC in 3 or 4 game years?