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Revolving team selection?

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  • Revolving team selection?

    Hi folks, I’m a longtime stalker of these forums, but first time to pose a question that might resonate with some cricket captains. It might sound ridiculous to have empathy for what is little more than a few lines of code, but I like to give each of my squad a good chance to prove themselves and not to give up on players too soon. I also read elsewhere on these forums that before making a judgment on a new player, one ought to give them at least 15 games or so to ascertain their real potential...The result is that apart from 4 locked in players (I play as Worcs: so that’s Moeen (assuming he’s not busy elsewhere), Joe Clarke, Jack Shantry and my overseas) I rotate everyone else around trying to get a good mix of form and overall ability, and new blood. The thing is, I’m usually midtable in CC1 (often due to some appalling 2nd innings collapses by opposition) but getting absolutely horsewhipped in limited overs, even when I favour more attacking players. I just wonder if the game is sufficiently intelligent to compute: “this is not a settled team, the captain is an idiot, so they’re gonna get stuffed”.

    Any thoughts? Do you stick with the same XI and tweak as the season progresses?

    While I’m here, does selection of a Captain have a material influence on a team’s performance?

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    I think you're on the right track. Or at least you play the game similarly to me. I did find that the single most important thing in the shorter form games is field settings. I used to be awful in 20-20 and one dayers until someone kindly posted some suggested field setitngs, and now I've just one both competitions with Leistershire.