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    I love playing county championship on this game but seem to struggle in areas.
    I currently play on my phone and generally play with wickets on highlights only.
    my question is it possible to really play the game and get good results,or is it better playing ball by ball.
    Just find on phone you want to skip through seasons but I think this has me missing crucial moments and really being able to build successful team.
    how do you all generally play matches ?

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    For first class i play chances for batting and bowling
    for one dayers i play boundaries for batting and chances for bowling
    for t20s i play boundaries for batting and bowling

    Sometimes when it is an important match i'll up the highlights level slightly.


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      Ball by ball is imperative for T20/100/similar comps and recommended by the Devs. That way you can up/lower aggression accordingly!
      Otherwise with Over by Over once the aggression is set the batsman will try to hit every ball to that aggression, not every ball within the Over is suitable to be hit (as in real cricket) and is an easy way for your batsmen to get out!


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        Thanks for your input IGetOutToFullTosses & Yorkie
        The reason I asked was I play cricket captain mostly on my phone and playing this way it’s more enjoyable playing through with minimal highlights as it gets too much of a headache playing more in depth like ball by ball etc ..
        Playing easy mode is fun for first class and T20 odi’s
        But white ball in normal mode with minimal highlights is impossible.
        i Guess there is potential for an in between level for phone & tablet devices perhaps.