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  • Associate cricket in CC23


    I think next year's version of the game would be a fantastic time to include the associate teams for the first time as playable nations.

    Here's my idea:

    I'd be all in for playable Scotland, Netherlands, Namibia, UAE, Nepal, PNG, USA and Oman (ODI league two teams + Netherlands) with a never ending schedule of ODI and t20I series.

    League table for the ODIs spread over two years so 7 ODI series over that period with t20 series after each one. Then you perhaps have a few one off ODIs or T20Is against full members across the two years which go to the teams finishing top in each cycle with the bottom teams instead playing one off games against Uganda, Hong Kong or Bermuda who seem to be already in game just to add a small bit of variety.

    Simple structure, low complexity, great playability, close enough to the current real world ODI league two. It's the dream.

    You could even add to the Dutch to the actual ODI league as in reality with the winner of league 2 each 2 year cycle stepping up to give something to play for.

    ‚Äčin reality most associates no longer even want to play Test matches so that can just be left for another day to reduce complexity. I'm also aware that the ICC intend to mess around with the ODI superleague but I don't see that as a reason to not include the above suggestion for now as it would just be brilliant.

    I'm more than happy to help with ensuring each nation has a decent pool of players to pick from too.


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    I'd love for the WCL to be included in some form, whether it be a part of the Career fixture or an option for a Tournament. Being a competition sounds more feasible, a seven-round tournament that would see the winners progress to the World Cup. As far as teams and players go, CC22 already has recent squads for Scotland, Netherlands, UAE, Oman, HK, Namibia, Nepal, and PNG available for custom tournaments. USA, Canada and Kenya (and possibly Uganda?) also have data somewhere in the game too so it'd just be a matter of creating a tournament fixture and adding it as an option under the World Cups and Champions Trophy.

    Since the data for just about all of the teams is already in the game, another option could be to simply create custom tournaments and competitions. We can already create custom bilateral competitions, it'd be a great option to be able to create multi-team competitions as well. Then it'd be a case of just selecting those particular teams for your competition and playing a home and away comp for eight teams.

    Including it in the main career fixture sounds like it'd be a nightmare to implement with generated fixtures and regen players.


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      Been wanting playable associate teams for 10+ years, I'd love it.