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Stupid stuff that makes my blood boil

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  • Stupid stuff that makes my blood boil

    I was playing a game and I needed 4 from the final ball in a T20.

    I had two set batsmen who had put on over 100. I was 2 wickets down and the CPU brings on a part timer to bowl the final over in order to defend 15. That's one thing that was stupid.

    I had the batters set to maximum attack.

    I needed 10 off two balls then got a six.

    Four needed off the final ball - I'm doing ball by ball here.

    Four needed off the final ball.

    What does the well set batter who's on about 70 not out?

    Does he try and smash this part time spinner down the ground to win the game?

    No, he plays a forward defensive and tips and runs into the covers.

    Absolutely raging!

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    This is one of those things that has always infuriated me too. I feel that if you set the batsman to maximum aggression there should only be three possible outcomes:
    1. An aggressive stroke attempting to reach/clear the boundary
    2. A play and miss
    3. A wicket

    There should never be a scenario where they block, or push the ball for a single. Unfortunately, it does happen more often than it should.


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      Galvatron-awaiting your internet game introduction and to take over no 1 position as you always do every version.
      it's good to have a new top 3 for a change-currently Brar, BurningLoins and UntouchablesXI but we all know that you're simply gonna boss us all over and hit that no 1 spot.