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  • white ball bowling

    How many aggression bars to use for seamers and spinners in white ball cricket I usually use 4 bars for seamers and 2 for spinners be interested to know which bar would be best

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    You will concede more runs at 4 bars, but you might take more wickets. That's probably a riskier system than most would use, I imagine.


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      Hi, I use the same bowling tactics for T20s and OD matches for all bowlers in all conditions at all levels. I bowl two bars, on a length, outside off with an off-side heavy field.

      I don't know how the results compare to other people's but in English domestic I concede on average 132 runs a match and bowl them out 39% of the time in T20 and in OD matches concede 206 and bowl them out 73% of the time.

      This isn't with an all international or all regen bowling line up


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        Yep same as cde, 2 bars always outside off on a good length.

        I do not bowl the opposite to batsman’s strengths, just outside off, as that’s the most economical area.

        I use RHBowlers round the wicket but LHBowlers over the wicket as I find this accentuates shots to the off-side field where they can be stopped/fielded.

        In T20 cutting off the oppo’s scoring is key, so all your bowlers need superb T20 economy rates (well under 8.0 rpo but even under 7.0 rpo), if you can sign them. Yes they do exist. I have 5 bowlers atm averaging under 7.0.

        You’ll find it easier to win if you have a similar 5 guys as most FC bowlers can’t perform in T20. They might get occasional wickets but their economy is shocking.


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          I tend 2 use 2 all rounders and 4 genuine bowlers normally 3 fast bowlers a spinner a all round fast bowler and a a all round spin bowler just for balance