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does this seem a little fair fetched or just me?

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  • does this seem a little fair fetched or just me?

    Third season in as Glos, got myself some excellent batting regens who appear to have hit the ground running from the get go (deja vu from previous editions of the game), and I've also secured Rabada and Cummins as my overseas players for a pretty tasty bowling attack. First game of the season and I manage to bowl Essex out on the first day for 175, then take my time in building a solid first innings lead. Second innings, with the pitch already having uneven bounce, despite close in fields and 5 out of 6 aggression for the first 10 to 15 overs, and then dropping back to 4 after its clear the aggression isn't working, Rabada, Cummins, Higgins and Milnes have managed to secure 1 single whopping play and a miss with no wickets after 28 overs (!!), despite bowling to Charlesworth who is normally a walking wicket. I love this game but with the World Class bowling skills of my two new overseas players, not to mention Higgins and Milnes, with attacking fields and the state of the pitch this seems extremely unlikely! Let me guess, its because it is sunny and not overcast?!
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    Update, 46 overs, 97 for zero at end of day 3, no other chances to report!


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      Snuck in with the win in the end, took til the 56th over to get the 1st wicket at which point Brown had had no chances and Charlesworth had survived an lbw shout to go with his earlier played and missed.... Click image for larger version

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        I've noticed this happening in the 3rd and 4th innings with a wearing pitch the opposition seem to be able to dig in for the draw quite easily.


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          I'm not sure it's all that unrealistic.

          First up I would say that is a decent pitch to bat on and that first innings kicking you gave them was the abberation rather than the third innings fight back.

          Secondly that those openers really ground out those runs in a way you would want your openers to do in the same situation. They put on 110 runs between them but just as importantly took 59 runs - almost two sessions - out of the match. Lawrence and Smith at 3 and 4 then tried to get some on the board but still at reasonable strike rates. After that the AI seems to have tried to push on a little but lost wickets doing so.

          Put yourself in Essex's situation.

          I let myself down in the first innings and am now way way behind, the likeliness of winning this match is very low.

          How much time is there left in the match and is the pitch doing much? There is a fair bit of time left, the pitch is wearing but not too bad, the opposition has some quality bowlers. So being able to stonewall my way to a face-saving draw is unlikely because it is simply too long to keep bowlers that good out altogether.

          So my best option is to grind it out, not blocking everything on no bars but also not taking any risks. I would want the bowlers to come to me, make them work really hard for every wicket and soak up as much time as I possibly can in the hope that if I can get my nose ahead and force a draw. In gameplay terms I'd start my openers on 0 bars, move up to one then sit on 2 bars, just ticking over. I am more than likely to lose but that would be my best hope.

          That's almost what Essex did to you, it's reasonably true to life.

          I would also say that if you were looking to bowl out Leicestershire and they did that to you it would be unrealistic but you are playing a decent enough team for it to sound about right


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            Originally posted by galvatron View Post
            I've noticed this happening in the 3rd and 4th innings with a wearing pitch the opposition seem to be able to dig in for the draw quite easily.
            I always found the AI far too gung-ho in previous years and far too keen to chase unlikely targets. In real life it is reasonably easy for teams to dig in, even in adverse conditions against a strong bowling attack.


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              Thanks for the replies. I appreciate this is definitely do-able from a batting perspective and I have done similar as the batting team as you describe cde. I think its fair enough it took 50 odd overs to get the first wicket, its just the lack of chances that were created that is really surprising particularly where my bowlers are at a different level to one of the batters in particular. In the fist innings I bowled them out cheaply, but this was at home with seaming ('average' bounce) wickets on the first day so not a terrible score against that bowling attack.

              I guess it wouldn't be fun/realistic if the game didn't throw up the occasional unexpected performance anyway


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                I personally don't have an issue with that example if it's a one-off. If it was happening every game for the season it would be a different story. Would be interested to hear about your future results in this sense.

                I have always found the ability for the batting team to improve on pitches with sharp turn and uneven bounce on day 4/5 to be pretty annoying though. It's not uncommon in some test matches for a team to be rolled for >200 in the first innings, and then 2-3 days later on a pitch that has deteriorated they are able to get 500+. Once again, I appreciate this happens from time to time, but in past years it seemed too common for my liking. I always wondered if the description of the pitch actually had any impact on the game at all.


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                  I've found that if I roll a team for next to nothing in the firat innings they almost always do better in their second unless I am seriously outclassing them.

                  Saying that I have also rolled a good team for next to nothing, built a 400 run lead and then rolled them for next to nothing to win by 250 too.

                  If it keeps happening look again at your tactics. As a general rule I will open the bowling on off stump, 4 bars with an aggressive field to kick off then drop down to 3 bars outside off as they settle then two bars outside off. In that situation I would start off on 5 bars for the first few overs then if nothing is happening, drop to 4 then 3, all at the stumps. If they are hanging around but not scoring I will look to stop easy ones and twos with the field setting but if they try to hit boundries I'll keep the aggression on 3 but use a more defensive field and move outside off. 3 bars seems to be aggressive enough to create some chances but not give them too much for easy runs, bowling at the stumps forces them to play. It mostly works but nothing is 100%

                  I also find that a batsman who can turn their arm over a little with a really defensive field can tempt the player into trying to smack them and therefore get out.


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                    I have never, ever seen Cricket Captain do anything as unrealistic as Ben Stokes at Headingley in 2019.