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    Afghanistan Career- some early notes (after 1.5 seasons)

    Zia-ur-Rehman needs to be added to a domestic team. Done

    Sayed Shirzad should be LMF rather than LM (has hit 140 before) Changed

    Shafiqullah Shinwari should be retired- he was given a 6 year ban in 2020 for match-fixing His ban is in game. Will have a think on retiring him, others have returned to play from bans.

    Karim Janat should be RFM, not RM- he bowls in the low-mid 130s. Same with Nijat Masood. Changed

    Wafadar Momand should be RFM/RMF, not RM (he is not that good, but is reasonably quick) Now RMF

    On player ability


    Rashid Khan is quite expensive as a bowler across formats- he is also not an automatic pick in every Afghan side. He should be the first bowler selected without question- he is massively underrated and needs a large bowling upgrade, especially in tests. I've tweaked his AI selection and bowling ability.

    Naveen ul Haq is quite poor in game, he needs a bowling upgrade. His ability is fine.

    Zubaid Akbari is too good- he has never played an international match and is an instant star. He should still be good, but not world class. I've nobbled his bowling a bit. Whilst his ability in game was good, it's not world class.

    Hazratullah Zazai could do with a T20 batting upgrade- his strikerate in game is also lower than in real life. Improved with the bat.

    Hashmat Shahidi should probably have his limited overs aggression decreased- his real life strikerate is low because of his limited range of shots.


    Robert O'Donnell is an automatic pick for NZ in tests and ODIs- maybe a touch overrated? (They have better batsmen than him who are not getting a game). Tweaked his selection AI


    Mitch Marsh is in the test side ahead of Cameron Green Tweaked


    The team selection is quite a long way off- a number of players need significant ability adjustments.

    JJ Smit should be an allrounder. He regularly bats at 5-6 Changed

    Nicol Loftie Eaton bowls LS, not RF Changed

    Also, this may be more difficult, but would it be possible to make associate players available for T20 leagues/as overseas players? Vritya Aravind for example hit 110* against Pakistan in the World T20 and will now disappear from the game until the next T20 World Cup. It would be nice to be able to select players like him who are clearly better than most domestic batsmen.
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      Ed Pollock has been opening in first class matches this season for Worcs. Changed

      Josh Baker could be improved a bit with ball as he's played pretty much most games for Worcs.

      Worcs also need Mitch Stanley added. Added

      George Hill an improvement? Two impressive tons this season. Fair call have improved.

      Maybe Matt Revis too who is playing every game in reality for Yorkshire as a bowling all rounder.

      Luis Reece has moved to the middle order in first class matches. Didn't bowl as much early season due to injury but the move is to allow him more rest as last season he opened batting and bowling. He'll stay as an opener in FC as he's done it most of his career.

      Josh Shaw is playing first class in game but is focusing on being a t20 specialist. Ajeet Dale is only playing white ball in game but has played red ball in real life this season so perhaps a swap.

      Wayne Madsen an improvement? He's been back to his best this season. His ability is fair.

      Tom Lammonby could be a bit better with the bat. He's very poor in game. His ability is fair when compared against his fairly average record with the bat.

      Alex Hughes improved as t20 bowler? Not playing in game but key in real life. You say that, but played 7 out of 12 matches. Bowled 19 overs in those 7 matches, which less overs/match than other bowlers. 4 wickets at 38. Economy isn't too bad, but hardly looks key compared to his team mates.

      Mark Watt more economical in t20? He's as good as I've seen this season. His economy is 8.30 this season. Plenty well ahead of him.

      Brooke Guest could have batting improved. Been excellent in red and white ball this season. His ability is fair, he needs to maintain his FC form.

      Scrimshaw is overrated in first class cricket. He's very much a t20 specialist. Tweaked his AI selection and ability.

      Tom Price could be improved with the ball, been pretty good this season.

      Ali Orr should be at least aggressive in white ball. Been quite impressive in the Blast. In only 5 innings, not a big enough sample size. Albeit tough to really know given how early he still is in his career.

      For Leicestershire I think:

      Kimber is slightly overrated and Patel slightly underrated (maybe swap them ability wise). Kimber has been nobbled. Not sure Rishi Patel has done enough professionally to warrant an upgrade.

      Ed Barnes plays a fair bit of t20 in game but is a red ball bowler mostly in reality. I've tweaked his white ball selection.

      Callum Parkinson could be boosted in white ball bowling and he's maybe just a touch too good in red ball. Tricky, I feel his ability is fair.

      Welch should be average or aggressive in limited overs. He's only played a few games in the Blast this season so far after finally putting some bad injuries behind him but he's a powerful hitter of the ball. I feel he and Steel should be batting ability wise similar to where Kimber is now. Steel maybe also aggressive in white ball.

      Changed Welch to avg in LO (matches his FC aggression)

      Ackermann nudged down a touch. Seems on the wane. He's been nobbled.

      Harry Swindells toned down a fair bit with bat. He's been nobbled.

      Arron Lilley has only bowled two overs (of filth) in the Blast this season so I think he could go to a part timer rather than all rounder. Also maybe a slight boost in t20 batting. Based on his career, I'm going to leave him as all-rounder for now.

      Ben Mike feels about right in first class but he's significantly improved in the Blast this season with bat and bowling economy. Could be very agressive in limited overs too. Tweaked his ability.

      I think Lewis Hill should be aggressive in first class where he's scored very quickly this season and last but average in limited overs where he's not particularly quick.

      George Rhodes a significant decrease in batting and bowling. A poor player really. Tweaked

      I've seen Alex Evans start the game with outrageous ability a couple times, he's disappeared from first team involvement and likely to be released so could be fixed to start with poor ability rather than randomly generated?
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        James Pattinson has left Renegades Removed
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          Will Smeed is being picked by the AI for Somerset's FC team regularly, in real life he hasn't played a single FC match and doesn't seem close. I don't know if he's one of the randomised youth stats players though. He also seems a touch strong in white ball. Tweaked his ability.

          Ben Compton doesn't seem able to reach his prolific run scoring this year, not saying he should be a 100 ave player, but he's closer to a 30 at best ave player in game. His ability is fair in game, he's up there as an English opener.

          James Fuller could probably do with a buff with both bat and ball, with bat he's basically only usable as a pinch hitter and with ball entirely useless. I've improved him with the ball, his batting ability is fair.

          Joe Root is still getting auto selected as captain over Ben Stokes. Fixed

          Jonny Bairstow is getting auto selected as WK over Jos Buttler.

          Lewis McManus has been on a loan at Northants all year, so it's probably more realistic to have him in their squad than Hampshire's.

          David Willey could probably use a bit of a nerf with the ball in T20's. His ability is fair.

          If Tom Prest is a player with set stats rather than randomised, he could use a fair boost to his batting.

          If Jamie Atkins is a player with set stats, he could use a fair nerf to his bowling.

          Dawid Malan could do with a T20 boost. His ability is fair.
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            Originally posted by mocja548 View Post
            [FONT=Calibri][B]Comments on NZ Domestic Squads
            Thanks, some great feedback in here:


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              Originally posted by Jachiche View Post
              Jamie Grassi Has he played any cricket in Ireland since playing for Italy in October? I can't find anything
              I think he had some injury/unavailability issues for most of this season so far, but was today named in the Leinster Emerging squad (, so he seems to be working his way back Added

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                Just bought the mac version, really enjoying it.

                I am playing as Zimbabwe and when looking through my fixtures for the season I realised the ODI series vs Australia is missing. This series takes place in late august to early september. It is a 3 match ODI series


                Also I am unable to find Brendan Taylor in the squad selection. Has he retired or not?


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                  Imam ul Haq is Defensive His FC/Test SR is low, thus the calculation of very defensive.
                  M Rizwan needs a boost His ability is fair
                  Jiss Butler needs a boost His ability is fair
                  Shinwari is extremely overrated Which Shinwari are you referring to?
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                    Originally posted by IGetOutToFullTosses View Post
                    Just bought the mac version, really enjoying it.

                    I am playing as Zimbabwe and when looking through my fixtures for the season I realised the ODI series vs Australia is missing. This series takes place in late august to early september. It is a 3 match ODI series


                    Also I am unable to find Brendan Taylor in the squad selection. Has he retired or not?
                    Taylor was banned in January for 3 and a half years.

                    The fixtures will be updated for the next patch across all platforms, next week hopefully. The Mac version updated overnight, this brings Mac in line with the Steam version, with these fixes:

                    - Improved player availability in contracts
                    - Fixed missing crowds at various grounds


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                      Must say, quite harsh in making Harshal Patel a RM (he is at least RFM). Also Dinesh Karthik is for sure "Very Aggressive" and should not be just "Aggressive".

                      Harshal is now RFM. Karthik has just had a very good season, but his career numbers define his rating.
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                        I don't think Hampshire's Toby Albert has ever been a wicketkeeper? If an extra keeper is needed in the squad then Aneurin Donald has quite regularly been sharing the gloves with Charlie Mumford in the 2nd XI this season and could potentially be made to be a keeper-batsman?

                        Removed Albert's keeper status
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                          There is Gujrat CC LM who was with India test team should be change to LFM.


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                            I think uncontracted Grant Hankins and Liam Banks seem a bit overrated.

                            Josh Cobb's t20 bowling definitely underrated and maybe his batting too. Fair call, have improved.

                            I hear you on Ali Orr, it's early doors - perhaps move him to average aggression in white ball as a compromise for now? He's certainly been blasting it in both those 5 games and a few 2nd XI games this season where he's going at 200+. I could counter that by saying he only scored at 68 in a weak OD comp last summer. Tricky one, I'm going to leave as is for now.

                            Similarily Ollie and Tom Price could both move to average in white ball. Tom Price could be improved, been an effective new ball bowler this season.

                            Also hear you on Patel, though I do think he's better than Kimber and should be similar to Welch and Steel with the latter two better t20 batters.

                            I feel Ian Cockbain and Miles Hammond should be aggressive in white ball.

                            Anuj Dal (red ball) underrated with bat and ball his ability is fair

                            Mattie McKiernan (white ball) underrated with ball.

                            Godleman is currently opening in t20s instead of Reece. He should be very def in white ball also.

                            Will Naish should be middle order bat rather than opener. He is middle order.

                            Ben Wells should be very aggressive in white ball and average in red ball.

                            Ryan Patel aggressive in first class.

                            Tom Clark average in both formats.

                            Ben Compton very defensive in both formats.

                            Sam Northeast t20 opener.

                            Eddie Byrom very aggressive in white ball.

                            Brook Guest average in red ball, aggressive in white ball.

                            Tom Wood def in red ball, aggressive in white ball.

                            James Rew average in red ball, aggressive in white ball.

                            Tom Lammonby def in red ball, very aggressive in white ball.

                            Ben Charlesworth def in white ball.

                            Ben Mike average in red ball.

                            Matthew Revis 8 rather than 3 in first class. Def in red ball, average in white ball.

                            Brydon Carse aggressive in white ball.

                            Michael Jones def in red ball, aggressive in white ball.

                            Max Holden and Joe Cracknell slightly underrated with bat. Their ability is fair.
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                              South Africa domistic t20 that under 19 team was only for first year preparation for wc I think group c should be of 3 teams, need this in update thanks
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                                Originally posted by Sureshot View Post
                                I could counter that by saying he only scored at 68 in a weak OD comp last summer. Tricky one, I'm going to leave as is for now.
                                36 off 25 at 144 tonight... he hits a long ball!

                                He's currently got 5 LA matches at 66 and 6 t20s at 158. Average feels about fair I think. I watched the innings against Essex and was very impressed if I'm honest. Powerful batter, suspect he's been working on his white ball batting over the winter.
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