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  • Online Game Server down, been more than 36 hours. Pls reser. Thank You


    • How many times in a week does the server need to be refreshed? DOWN AGAIN. Kindly do the needful.


      • My crashes during 50% of highlights. I updated the game and it still is happening


        • Originally posted by CrazyCaptain101 View Post
          My crashes during 50% of highlights. I updated the game and it still is happening
          Can you send us an email through this form below, please, we're trying to track this problem down but struggling to repeat it.

          Cricket Captain 2023 is the ultimate cricket management sim, allowing you to take charge any domestic or international team and steer them team to victory through every match of the season


          • While going through ATG teams, Shane Watson is listed as a batsman as he was at the end of his career when he was dealing with ongoing injuries. He should be reverted to being an all-rounder to reflect him being Australia's most successful all-rounder across all three formats.


            • Mark Adair is massively underrated as a bowler, and doesn't play any ODIs against New Zealand when he played 2 of the 3 ODIs against them and is a ODI regular ever since his ODI debut, averaging 27.14 with the ball in ODIs in 2022 at a economy of 5.16. He also plays just 2 T20Is out of 12 in the English summer in one save (the other he doesn't play any matches at all), and only bowls 4 overs out of a possible 8, going at 10.25 an over, which is far higher than both his 2022 figures (worse in career so far) or his T20I career average of 20.81 and economy of 7.86, in a format he has also been a regular since his debut in 2019. He should be a near ever-present in all 3 formats, and in the Irish summer played 2 out of 3 ODIs and all 12 T20Is. In domestic T20s he also tends to average in the high 20s despite averaging no more than 21.28 (for Northern Knights) for any of the 4 teams he has played professional T20s for, with the highest non-T20I economy being just 7.55 for Northern Knights, whilst he also averaged just 16.63 with a economy of 7.84 in the Interpro T20s in 2022. His batting is also quite underrated especially in T20s (& internationals) where he tends to average like a tailender, and in the low 20s or lower in the longer formats, when he averages 30+ in the past few seasons of domestic 50 overs cricket and 26 in non Test FC cricket

              Ross Adair is hugely underrated as a white ball batter, in real life averaging 34.25 in domestic 50 overs cricket & 30+ in both 2021 & 2022 at strike rates of 188 & 176.47 respectively.

              Rory Anders - retired in May 2022, if staying in the game then he should be a allrounder and his batting is very underrated too. If you google 'Rory Anders retirement' on google you'll see a Belfast Telegraph article on the first page that comes up with "and with Rory Anders having announced his retirement from representative cricket,". It went very under the radar at the time and I only stumbled at it whilst wondering why he had suddenly dropped out of the Leinster side.

              Andy Balbirnie is underrated, particularly so in T20Is where in my saves he averages between 11.60 and 13.33, despite averaging 23.73 in 2022. Considering he has exclusively opened in T20Is since the USA series at the end of 2021 and hasn't batted anywhere else since then, he should be made into a T20 opener.

              Max Burton is a bit underrated with the bat (averaging 10 or under in all 3 formats in CC22).

              James Cameron-Dow should be down as retired as he is working fulltime as a coach and director of cricket, as well as the fact that he hasn't played a single professional game since covid shut down the world. His batting aggression rates should also be switched to aggressive in FC's and average aggression in limited overs cricket.

              Curtis Campher is very underrated as a bowler, averaging between 53 & 71 at economy rates of 5.94 and 7.10 in ODIs in all of my saves, despite averaging 32.71 at 5.33 in 2022, 33.67 at 4.81 in 2021 and 28.80 at 6.70 in 2020. His batting is also very underrated in ODIs as well, averaging between 8 & 16 with the bat whilst career wise he averages 30.76 from 22 ODIs. Based on his debut test and lack of FC matches (all of his 2/3 FC matches have come in Asia), Campher should probably be defensive if not average aggression.

              Based on his knock of 43 at a strike rate of 123 on List A debut against the Leinster Lightning, as well as good club stats in the format, I would say Cade Carmichael is very underrated as a 50 overs & red ball batsman. He also hit 34 & 28 batting at 4 in a red ball friendly against a very strong Gloucestershire 2nd XI, and 29 in another red ball match vs the Free Foresters including a few players who have previously played First Class cricket. He currently averages in the low teens with the bat in both limited over formats when I'd argue he should be averaging around 30 or more in 50 overs cricket.

              Varun Chopra is very overrated and is often one of the very best Irish spinners in the game, usually getting a international callup by the 2nd or 3rd season which is very unlikely, especially as he didn't play any game in 2022 and other spinners such as Ben White are ahead of him.

              Ani Chore should possibly be retired from T20s, he hasn't played in the format for either Vidarbha or Northern Knights despite playing in the other two formats.

              David Delany is very underrated as a bowler, having recovered from injury problems to take 7 wickets at a average of 32.71 at a economy of 4.97 in the 50 overs, and in the T20s taking 9 wickets at 20.44 and a economy of 8.17. At the moment he averages 35+ with the ball in all formats in CC22 which is a bit harsh considering his talent and injury problems as well as the fact that he averages 27.75 at a economy of 7.78 from his only year of T20I cricket.

              Gareth Delany has been a regular bowler for Ireland over the past year and it should be reflected in CC22, and should be bowling a lot more than Dockrell does. He is used as the 6th bowling option in ODIs, not playing many ODIs but when he does he bowls around 6 or 7 overs, whilst in T20Is - where he has been a regular - he has bowled 3 or 4 overs in almost every game since the South Africa T20I series, averaging 29.56 with the ball at a economy of 8.19. He isn't really underrated as a bowler but in some saves he doesn't bowl a ball internationally which should be changed to him being a regular bowler in both formats.

              George Dockrell is massively underrated as a batsman. He averages in the low 20s in my saves in domestic FCs despite hitting 39 & 25 on Test debut in very difficult conditions against a tough Afghanistan bowling attack. He also averages 31.00 in red ball matches for Leinster at a strike rate of 54.19. He has developed hugely as a batsman in recent years, averaging 24.62 at a strike rate of 97.76 in 21 ODIs since the start of 2021, and a average of 24.00 in 41 T20Is at a strike rate of 133.33 in that same time frame.
              His ODI bowling frequency should be lowered a bit, bowling only 9 overs (for 2 wickets at a average of 22.50 and economy of 5.00) in the West Indies ODI series in 2022 and not bowling at all against New Zealand during the Irish summer, whilst his economy should be lowered in T20Is. He is still a regular bowler in domestic cricket and somewhat a semi-regular bowler in T20Is and Tests so his frequency should stay the same in the other formats.
              His strike rate should be changed to aggressive in limited overs cricket considering his ODI strike rates are 115.56 in 2022 & 120.83 in 2023, and in T20Is is 139.35 in 2022 from 26 matches and 128.95 in 2023. The strike rates are much higher than his career stats and aren't a fluke either, being as a direct result of his improvement as a batsman (for example batting at 5 in T20Is he averages 58 at a strike rate of 154.67), bulking up and strengthing his game. He also finished with a strike rate of 224.67 (with a average of 43.25) from 7 interpro T20 games in 2022, showing just how far he's come to become a power hitter. His batting position should also be changed from 8 in both 50 overs cricket & T20s to 7 in ODIs and to 5 in T20Is

              Stephen Doheny should be changed to an opener in 50 overs cricket as well, opening the batting in all of his ODIs and gaining an average of 32.25 in the format since debuting this year.
              He is also very underrated in T20s, often averaging under 20 in my saves at a strike rate around 110 despite averaging 31.57 at a strike rate of 128.48 from 40 T20s (including a average of 45.71 for the Ireland Wolves, 39.14 for Munster & 31.57 for NWW), whilst also scoring the most runs (2nd closest was 82 runs away) in 2022 with 294 runs at a average of 49.00 and a strike rate of 134.24, whilst averaging 25.40 at 123.9 in 2021

              Greg Ford is a right arm legspinner rather than a right arm medium pacer.

              Matt Ford is very underrated as a batsman, averaging in the low 20s or lower despite having great stats including a T20 average of 36.22. His economy could also possibly be lowered a little.

              Matthew Foster is very underrated as a bowler. He averages 40+ at very expensive economy rates (for example near 11 an over in T20s) in all 3 formats in all of my saves despite averaging 29.40 with the ball from his 3 FC matches in 2019, and a career economy of 4.75 from 10 List A Matches to go with an average of exactly 30 in 2022 with a economy of 4.80 and 33.67 at a economy of 4.39 in 2021. In T20s in 2022 he averaged 33 with the ball to go with a career average of 29.66 from 5 T20s.


              • Alistair Frost should be made into an all-rounder considering he's been batting at number 3 and as a opener in red ball matches with great success in the past year. He performed well for the Ireland rep sides on tours of England in 2022 where he opened against sides such as England U19s, and then went on to bat at 4 in the Logan Cup, averaging 46.33 with 2 fifties from as many FC matches, whilst he batted in 2 T20s, making 61 in his last game whilst batting at 4 with a strike rate of 142. His batting is currently very underrated, averaging in the low teens in FCs & LAs in all of my saves whilst averaging in the low teens or under in T20s. In real life he's shown himself to be a very consistent and dependable top order red ball batsman and now a dependable middle order T20 batsman as well considering how he's translated that success into the white ball format as well in Zimbabwe. He should be changed to a FC opener and his T20 batting position should be changed to 4 as well. And his strike rates should be changed to average aggression in FCs (or defensive at the very least) and aggressive in T20s.

                Michael Frost is a LHB rather than a RHB. He is quite underrated with the ball in FC & 50 overs cricket. He averages just 19.78 from 10 List A games at a economy of 4.70, including an average of 15.75 with a economy of just 4.60 and the only 5fer in the interpros in 2022 as Munster Reds won the 50 overs title.

                JJ Garth is a little underrated in both batting & bowling (especially batting), and should also be changed to defensive in FCs and average aggression in white ball cricket.

                Shane Getkate is a bit underrated in bowling in both white ball formats, and also quite underrated as a batsman in T20s.

                Fionn Hand is very underrated as a bowler in T20s, going at around 30 to 50 with the ball despite averaging 24.83 before the start of the 2022 season. His economy should also be lowered in FCs, considering he went at just 1.43 in his 7 overs on FC debut which remains his only game at the moment.

                Cormac Hassett is underrated in T20s only. He should also be made an occasional keeper considering he regularly keeps at club level.

                Adam Hickey is currently without a first name in CC22, his initals are AGH, and his date of birth should be changed to the 23rd of May 2002. His bowling is possibly a little underrated and needs his economy lowered a little as well. I believe he should possibly be made a FC opener as from what I see, I believe he opens in red ball (limited over) games quite often whilst batting lower down the order when the limited over matches are played with a white ball.

                Gavin Hoey is very underrated as a T20 bowler and should have both his average (between 60 and 80) and economy (between 10 & 11) lowered. In the 2022 Interpro T20s he took 11 wickets (2nd joint most) at a average of 15.54 and a economy of 9.07 to go with a best of 3-17. He didn't too well in the 50 over format though, bowling just 14 overs in 4 games and going wicketless at a economy rate of 8.50.

                Graham Hume is very underrated as a bowler, averaging in the high 20s in CC22 despite a career averaging just 17.92 from 98 domestic FC games at a economy of 2.65 with 14 5fers. In the 50 overs he averages in the high 20s as well despite averaging just 9.40 and a economy of only 2.47 from 4 List A matches in 2022 as well as a average of 28.00 from 7 ODIs.

                Matthew Humphreys is massively underrated as a bowler in all 3 formats, averaging nearly 40 in all 3 formats. After massively impressing for Ireland U19s (taking 21 wickets in just 9 ODIs at a great average & economy), he instantly impressed in the interpros, averaging 21.16 in the 50 over competition at a economy of just 4.23, whilst on T20I debut against Bangladesh he bowled 2 overs and took 2-10 at a economy of just 5.00. He played a few red ball game for the Ireland Senior Academy in 2022, impressing with very good economy rates and also taking 5-41 against England U19s

                Tyrone Kane is very underrated as a batsman in T20s, he averaged 40.60 with 3 fifties at a strike rate of 169.16 in the Interpro T20s in 2022, being the 4th highest run scorer in the competition as Munster narrowly finished second on net run rate. He is also a little underrated in bowling in both white ball formats considering his 2022 stats.

                Graham Kennedy is slightly underrated as a bowler

                Theo Lawson is a RHB and a right arm legspinner rather than a LHB RM

                I think Phillipe Le Roux should be changed to average aggression in FCs if not both formats considering his strike rates for the Irish Academy & Wolves on the tours to England were around 50 in most innings.


                • Gary Ballance has retired from all forms of cricket


                  • Australia:

                    Ashley Chandrasinghe lower to very defensive batsman. (currently has a FC SR of 24.96) with 1302 balls faced.