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  • Thank you and goodbye

    The first time I discovered this series was on the PSP with International Cricket Captain 3. I was so happy when I found it because it was exactly what I was looking for. Finally a cricket management style game. I have always been interested in the genre with Wrestling, Soccer, Baseball and now I finally had a cricket game.

    I used to play that game every free time I had, on the subway going to and from work, at work, at school. It went everywhere with me. Then life got busy and I sort of forgot about gaming for a while. Then a few years ago I noticed something on the Google Play store called Cricket Captain 2018 I was so happy because it reminded me of Cricket Captain 3, just with more features. That's when I found out that it was made by the same people and all the memories came back. I fell in love with the game once again.

    Since 2018. I have bought every single version that has come out, either on my phone or with the last 3 on steam and with each edition that comes out I am hoping to once again discover all the changes I found when I went from International Cricket Captain 3 to 2018. Alas, every single change has been so minor that it's almost not worth mentioning.

    I have basically used the same strategy playing Cricket Captain 2018 until 2022 and even on Normal difficultly I seem to win most of my matches. The biggest thing that has continually disappointed me is the lack of an editor, thank god for weetabixharry and his editor that made the last 2 games playable for me.

    One of the things I love doing in any management/simulation game that I play is picking a team with the lowest stats and try to make them a championship team, but in Cricket Captain there is no sense of reward for that, sure I might win a world cup or two, but if I play the game as Ireland or Zimbabwe the pool of players that are generated seem to stay at a low level, they don't have a domestic structure (unless you want to count English for Ireland) and so there is no way to know who is a good player and who isn't. We can't see any stats for anyone (other than their playing stats). I want to know how the coaching is affecting my players, and 90% of the time i just don't even bother with any coaching or physio because in my experience they do either very little or nothing at all.

    Why not give us an option to play as an associate side and let us earn our way into test cricket. Why not let us create custom tournaments without cricket board restrictions. I want to be able to create an 8 team tournament with players all around the world and either play each game myself or have the option to simulate it (because even simulating tournaments like that is fun)

    There are so many other things I can talk about but i just don't have the time right now. Maybe all these features will be included in some future version of the game. International Cricket Captain 3 came out in 2007, Cricket Caption 2018 came out in 11 years. Maybe I will check back in 11 years and see what else is new in Cricket Captain 2033, but as for now this has been extremely disappointing and I will not be purchasing another game next year because all it will be is a roster update and nothing more.

    Thank you for the memories, and goodbye for now

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    Cheerio and take care


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      Maybe the things you are asking for are harder to do than said. I get the impression that there’s a small amount of people working on this game and to please everyone is impossible. I’ve been playing this game for what will be 4 years this time and understand how challenging it is for the smallest of changes as well as getting it out on time. I for one will be buying the game once again once it’s released and think the developers/creators deserve a well done for all the time and effort they put in.


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        Originally posted by JP2000 View Post
        Maybe the things you are asking for are harder to do than said. I get the impression that there’s a small amount of people working on this game and to please everyone is impossible. I’ve been playing this game for what will be 4 years this time and understand how challenging it is for the smallest of changes as well as getting it out on time. I for one will be buying the game once again once it’s released and think the developers/creators deserve a well done for all the time and effort they put in.
        If game dev was easy everyone would be doing it. Of course it isn't easy. You've been playing the game for 4 years, If you don't include the gap i had between 2010 and 2018 I've been playing these games since 6+ years. If you enjoy the game that great, I hope you keep supporting them. I am not telling anyone how to spend their hard earned money. I loved this game which is why I have bought ever single version since 2018, all I am saying is for me I do not see the point in buying the same game every single year that has minimal improvements and is just basically a roster update.

        Maybe I'll check back in a few years and there may be a new feature that changes how the game plays. This game has all the potential to be the best management simulator, I just feel like it needs more improvement.

        If you are happy with how things are that wonderful I hope you keep buying the game every year and supporting the devs, I'm sure they work hard every year I am not discounting that. For me, I will save my money and will check back and see if there are any further improvements before buying again.


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          I bought the 2022 after 2018 version , Did play the 2021 version for 2 hours on steam and got it refunded , To be fair it's better to purchase it every 4 years so as to have all those accumulated little features set.
          Didn't enjoy the 2022 after playing it for 7 hours though , the new coaching system is neat on paper but it has limited effect on actual player growth , the most important i was expecting this season was the youth player generation improvement which for now is not much of a big feature , just the real youth players abilities are getting generated this season , i was thinking that they have overhauled the youth generation system and that was the reason i bought the 2022 version having said that i already played over 7 hours so i can't refund it , so i will play it on and off for next 4 years and get the 2026 version with more improvements.

          Beggars can't be choosers we have no alternative


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            I understand your pain. But, as you know (and as Saadbukhari87 mentioned), we have no alternative.

            It's true that computer game development is not an easy task, but if there's enough money to be made, then virtually anything is possible. In many countries, the gaming industry is now worth more than the movie and music industries combined. That's a lot of money, but cricket management is only a tiny niche.

            Until the USA start playing cricket, or the global economy changes, I don't see where the money is going to come from. I've been playing these games since 1999 (ICC2) and I haven't seen the situation improve. Maybe the mobile versions of the game could boom, I don't know.

            Obviously, I share your frustration. I developed the editor to try to improve what I could, but there's not much I can do with limited time and limited programming skills. If we could raise $1 million with a Kickstarter campaign, then that might be enough for Childish Things to hire several full-time developers for a couple of years and make some bigger improvements. The problem is, I don't imagine we could even raise 1% of that amount ($10k). So, for now, this is the best we can get.


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              I think we expect too much from the game and the devs sometimes.
              In truth the game is good. It's stable, and polished. And gives us a good and reasonably accurate snapshot of modern cricket. While it's easy to be frustrated at regens, the lack of progression in longterm saves, and the feeling like every year is the same (which seems to be the common issues). We don't know the ins and outs of the program and any difficulties with making it.
              Frustration can be understandable, but CC isn't Football Manager.
              Sargey, Captain of the Omnipresent Council, Commander of the Omniscient, and Grand Lord of Overbearing Titles.


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                Excellent summing up Sargey you’ve stated what I’m thinking. We can’t expect a brand new game each year. That doesn’t happen either with FM or FIFA, these are mainly squad roster updates, maybe a new dribble pass for the latter. (And £50+ for the latter).

                The game is beautiful I’ve stated that many times in the past. If people are not happy then skip a couple of versions, buy later and all the small additions make for a large addition!

                Or don’t play and start saving a stamp collection instead?


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                  Ahmedleo414 can understand your frustration but it's important to support the only real detailed simulation of a cricket game on the market right now.

                  While I understand that roster updates are fundamentally the only real aspect one can see in 2022 version, let me assure you that there are many small tweaks added this year to the manner in which the skill level and coaching levels are manipulated.

                  I was hoping for small changes in the UI online to be honest, but the Developers have done a fairly good job on many other aspects I have to admit. Please do consider supporting as this is the only game that has an annual release every year and on time.


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                    Generally too much is expected from a limited budget and time. We all gripe about our own hobby horses and there must be a limit to how many of those can be addressed.

                    If I contrast the earliest iteration of the game I played (not as far back as many) with 2022 I would say that the tendency is for the game to have broadened more than it has deepened. There are loads more domestic systems you can play in and while that must have broadend the appeal of the game it must also have added exponentially to the work involved. The real world player base is now vast with vast amounts of data being produced almost daily, a lot of which is fed into the game a few times every year. That's great but it also feels like it must suck up the oxygen for developing depth to the game.

                    Hopefully the changes to aggression ratings, regen development and coaching will add the depth that has been taking a back seat.

                    The developers do a great job but I suspect that as long as so much work is required to simply update the game with new domestic setups, structures and with players and their stats the changes to how the game looks and plays will take a long time.