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New Aggression Rating System Explained

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    Originally posted by adil View Post
    To be honest I think seperate aggressions make absolutely no sense. Its like solving a problem that wasn't there in first place. I hope we go back to the Unified aggression across formats in the next version
    One thing that can change is the field settings but that hasn't changed in decades unfortunately
    It blatantly does make sense. You need only look at the varying strike rates between formats for many players to understand this. How can a unified aggression represent a player who scores at 40 in first class but 140 in t20s? This is progress, embrace it.


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      Originally posted by Saadbukhari87 View Post

      Would you mind if I help in designing the regen players development curve and dynamism in an excel sheet with all the formulas and macro coding? it will help you design an NBA 2k like players growth with countless possibilities , Do tell me if you are really serious about overhauling the regen player development so that i can put my effort at work and make that excel sheet for you to understand.
      yes - that would be interesting. We have a range of different progressions, but it would be good to hear your thought. Email them to use via the contact page.


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        Originally posted by Lynx54321 View Post

        Hi Chris, so do these coaching objections purely affect strike rates or do they also make players "better"?

        For arguments sake will putting a batter on Boundary Hitting make a player just score faster in T20s but on balance average the same amount or will he become an overall better T20 player too? Similarly with OD accumulator will this just make a player score slower (for which I can see little use case) or will they also become better in the white ball formats too?
        The coaching options also increase overall ability.


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          Here we go
          Name Player ABC
          Current Bat Skill 870
          Bat Skill Potential 1560
          Initial Age 17
          Progression Type Slow
          Peak Age 30
          Decline Period Starting Age 31
          Decline Type Fast
          Worst Bat Skill at the end of Career 700
          We can have 3 types of progression and decline types , for SLOW TYPE the game will give player skill boost in lower quantities in initial years and more skill boosts in the last 2 years of hitting peak age and peak potential, For MEDIUM TYPE the game will evenly distribute skill points from his initial age to peak age and potential For FAST TYPE the game will add more skill skill points in the initial years of development but slow growth in the end till it reach peak age and potential

          Same philosophy for Decline Type , SLOW , MEDIUM and FAST , for Slow the game will deduct less points in the initial years of decline period till it reaches his worst career skill or retirement age , for medium the process is evenly distributed , for fast the game will quickly deduct the players skills to match worst bat skill at the end of career in just 3 years.

          Player Peak age , Decline period starting age can be anything and that's where the unlimited type of players generation will come kick in.
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