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    Northamptonshire v Derbyshire

    A Rossington, P. Stirling, J. Cobb, R. Vasconcelos, R. Levi, M. Wall, D. Sole, D. Perera, G. White, J. Hazlewood, B. Glover

    L. Reece, J. Gow, S. Jayasuriya, W. Madsen, L. du Plooy, G. Savage, M. Critchley, H. Hosein, M. Cohen, U. Shinwari, A. Sutherland

    Derbyshire 179-6
    S. Jayasuriya 54, J. Gow 48
    T. Sole 2-29, G. White 2-30

    Northamptonshire 106 all out
    A Rossington 54, J. Cob 25
    S. Jayasuriya 3-10, M. Critchley 3-10

    Derbyshire win by 73 runs

    Too easy. Smashed them about again before the bowlers got to work. This time they had Shinwari and Reece under pressure so Jayasuriya and Critchley step in. The luxury of six bowlers.


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      Yorkshire v Derbyshire, Headingly

      T. Kohler-Cadmore, D. Malan, A. Lyth, G. Balance, H. Brooke, J. Tattersall, D. Willey, W. Parnell, A. Rashid, K. Barker, N. Paul

      J. Gow, S. Jayasuriya, W. Madsen, L. du Plooy, T. Lingham, M. Critchley, F. Hudson-Prentice, H. Hosein, M. Cohen, T. Palladino, A. Sutherland

      Yorkshire 58-3
      T. Koehler-Cadmore 32, D. Malan 23
      F. Hudson-Prentice 2-1, M. Critchley 1-11

      Derbyshire 61-4
      W. Madsen 33, M. Critchley 10
      W. Parnell 3-33, K. Barker 1-23

      Derbyshire win by 6 wickets (DLS)

      Reece, Savage and Shinwari are called up for the England v Pakistan OD series so Lingham, H-P and Palladino take their places.

      Heavily rain affected match where we benefited from being able to just go flat out and disregard wickets.


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        Lancashire v Derbyshire, Old Trafford

        L. Livingstone, N. Gubbins, S. Croft, C. Green, J. Bohannon, A. Davies, D. Villas, L. Wood, M. Starc, S. Mohammod, T. Bailey

        G. Gow, B. Godleman, W. Madsen, L. du Plooy, T. Lingham, M. Critchley, F. Hudson-Prentice, H. Hosein, M. Cohen, T. Palladino, A. Sutherland

        Derbyshire 185-3
        B. Godleman 97, L. du Plooy 59 no
        l. Wood 1-37, S. Mahmoud 1-42

        Lancashire 186-6
        L. Livingstone 97, N. Gubbins 54
        M. Critchley 3-34, F. Hudson-Prentice 2-34

        Lancashire win by 4 wickets

        Nothing much to complain about, a good batting display though disappointing that Godleman didn’t get a century. It was Livingstone and Gubbins’ 146 run opening partnership that undone us. We tried every combination but they were on a roll and by the time we got them out the match was lost.


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          any update on this as only came across this yesterday and think you have done very well so far. I started a derby game last week and its proving to be a tough job


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            A few things happened to halt progress! I was unable to keep updating the thread because of a lack of internet so kept it on a Word document to post later but...acidently deleted it. It was too much faff to rebuild it so just gave up.

            Good luck with Derbyshire, I managed another five seasons before the loss. I found that budgetry restraints made it very very difficult to compete across all the formats. I managed to build a strong T20 side and won the cup one year, runner up the next, won then next, etc and also a FC side that was consistantly challenging but the OD cup was another matter altogether.

            The issue, as feared, is that once you take on a core squad of good players there is little room in the budget for back-ups. If a player didn't get their international contract renewed, a 2nd choice player wanted a big raise or if I was knocked out early in the T20 or OD cup I would have to lose good players. I was almost always taking a punt on a young player then losing them once they wanted good money or being saddled with a second rate player.

            As a compafison I went back to the team I support, Glamorgan, who have a disproportionatly large budget. There you can take punts on multiple players and take on older players who have no 100 contract but a good OD record on a year-to-year basis to have a strong squad for the OD matches. I prefer the challenge of a smaller budget but have an irrational investment in playing as Glamorgan!


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              Thanks for the update.well having played nearly a season with them I take my hat off to you for doing so well.i gave up as I just knew the financial restraint was going to spoil my enjoyment so I started a game as notts.not a county I have any particular affection for but felt as a division 2 side there was great potential there to get up to division 1 and strongly challenge for all three tournaments


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                hammerbm I don't blame you for starting elsewhere. It is possible to build a strong team and compete in FC and T20 cricket but the squad is always going to be paper thin. A call-up or two compounded by an injury to a firat choice player can see the whole season derailed.

                A further frustration is if you have a player who you have signed up from the youth squad on a 28k 3-year deal make it into the England squad in his 3rd year. If you were to re-sign him he would cost more like 60k but when he is England contracted you recieve just the 28k, which means you can only replace him with a 28k player. If you sign anothwr young player you can get to year three and find they want 60k and you can no longer afford to keep them on.


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                  Originally posted by cde View Post
                  From this season there is, for some reason, the 100.
                  A beautiful line, which I think captures perfectly how so many cricket fans feel!


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                    yes cde i can understand how frustrating that would be and i just got the feeling i wouldnt have the time to develop derby as i have limited time on the game. plus it definitley helps if you feel some sort of connection to the team your playing with else it becomes a chore and its not supposed to be that imo