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Test match engine is more broken than t20 engine

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  • Test match engine is more broken than t20 engine

    I do not know how people have'nt noticed this. Test match engine is more broken than t20 engine. I recently did an Indian and Australian international save and here are the things that are pretty unrealistic are:
    1.Opposing teams score over 350 in a day way more often than in real life. I have even seen 400 scored more than thrice.
    And funnily enough we find tougher to score than AI 2.Lower order comebacks happen almost every game
    Seriously every match you get a team 50/4 they end up making over 400. Last 4 wickets pile up 200 runs often
    3. Pitch effects do not work
    Playing a Ind vs Eng test. I prepared a spinners pitch. Ashwin, Jadeja and Kuldeep were smashed around and Eng made 507 with first wicket falling after 70 overs
    4. Too many Draws
    So many pitch matches happen where aggregate stats for the match are sonething like 1500/18
    1. Make pitch effects stronger
    2. Batsmen should generally score at 3 r.p.o and around 3.5 rpo on a really flat pitch
    3. Ability of lower order and aggresive batsmen should be nerved.
    4. Successful chases of 200 should be an exception rather than a rule

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    I rarely get draws to be honest. Huge scores are common though, especially top order partnerships and first innings totals, but <400 is still most common. I also never pick very defensive batsmen and only pick defensive batsmen if they have high form. Allowing two batsmen to settle before raising them to four bars usually does well for me, though I don't score as quickly as the opposition. Lower order and tails always tend to fall very cheaply too.

    Make sure you're not bowling to the opposition's strength though. For example picking a team of spinners won't do well if the other team has a couple of batsmen who have a strength in playing spin.


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      I don't think test engine is worse than T20...

      Far too many games in T20 you lose from insurmountable positions. I.e. earlier online I was 88-1 chasing 129. Needed 19 from 24 balls and lost by 5... All out aggression the whole way.

      Test matches, the best team generally wins. You do lose far too many wickets last over and first over a session though...


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        There do seem to be more comebacks from 65-5 and tail enders biffing me about but I very very rarely conceed anything like 350 in a day unless it's a dead flat pitch and all my bowlers' form is through the floor.

        If you are scoring slower than the AI then first make a note of how it is bowling. It is easy enough because the pre-set fields are a giveaway.

        Also, how are you bowling your spinners? I have noticed that last year and this my spinners are at their most prolific on three bars and I very rarely go up.


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          I don't think I've ever really had any gripes with the longer-form engine.

          I recently had an English County Championship match where I reduced the opposition to 34-6, but then their numbers 8 and 10 both made scores of 90+ and I finally got them all out for 234, but it feels like a rare occurrence for the tail to wag quite that hard in my experience. I often feel like when there is any tail-wagging by the opposition it's partly my fault – I think I definitely have a tendency to think subconsciously that the job is pretty much done when there are only a few wickets left to take, and I'll go for high aggression and just try to blow the tail away, which doesn't always work, especially if they come out swinging, hit a few, and get their settled rating up. I feel the best way is to treat the tail with respect and be careful to think about your field placings, aggression, line and length, etc., same as you would for the top order.

          I usually find I score slower than the AI (unless they're a particularly weak team compared to mine), but I put that down to my own cautiousness rather than the engine. I've certainly never had an opposition post anything like 400 in one day against me.


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            I actually think that it's online where the longer form is more predictable. There's so many times a team is 100-5 and gets 300-400. To me, the flaws in the game seem to manifest more online.