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How does the international contracts work?

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  • How does the international contracts work?

    Sureshot This is something that's bugging me at the moment.

    I've got an all rounder who played during the season: 7 test matches, 10 ODIs, 13 T20Is. Yet he didn't get an England contract. He played every game for England except one where he was injured. He did not get an England contract

    Another player got 10 T20i appearances but then got the England contract.

    Who decides? Surely if we're managing international sides, we should choose who gets the contract?

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    Good question,
    Seems to be somewhat hit and miss? Managing Yorkshire I’ve always had Root and Bairstow contracted, then one year Bairstow not contracted. I thought as he was getting older England might have had enough of him, but then guess what?...he played every England game! Re-contracted following year.
    Also had G. Ballance contracted one particular year (he was playing magnificent) but England never played him in any format. I was grateful but seemed very strange.

    I’m same as you, I think the player should be able to choose who’s contracted.