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    Why do people watch highlights?

    I think the game is tactical and stat's based and no need for them.
    it also annoys me when I very rarely will play an online game and someone wants to watch highlights... I dont get the point.

    A quick game is a good game so they say

    ~I Love Lamp~

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    Hi Cam, I don't play online games but I always watch some form of highlights.

    For 4+ day games I watch every ball whilst bowling and every run whilst batting. For 1 day games typically do every run for every innings.

    The general reason for me watching highlights is to enjoy the game in an elongated way, it makes a session of fielding in a test match last about 30 mins.

    But the specific reason I watch every ball when bowling is to understand how and where the batsmen are playing their shots. It also gives me time to contemplate any changes needed, from bowling changes to field position changes based on runs scored but more importantly is where they defend the ball to.

    For batting, I use the highlights to be made more aware of how my batsmen are playing. There are times when they get into a sticky period, where no runs are coming or they are playing and missing a bit. When I see this, I change their aggressiveness to try and get them back into their groove.

    I'm sure there are opinions for and against highlights, I am definitely for them and hope you find the insight of how I play the game interesting.


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      There’s two sides to this and I do understand both points of view. For me the highlights are an integral part of the game and do make the game complete. Although clunky and repetitive they put forward that extra realism to games, more so 1day games, hitting 4’s and 6’s and such like..
      I’d like to see better animations and I’m sure this would be possible, but not at the expense of gameplay/match engine.


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        I personally imagine the players as I watch them on tv. I never watch highlights.


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          I think highlights are needed so you are not just staring at numbers. I know highlights have limited graphics but I always like them on in OD or T20, I will turn them off for longer format.

          Cam I will play people online who don’t want them on but I’d rather see some. Who is your online team?

          I had some guy online request to watch every ball and he kept sending the request after every over, the requests were so annoying I gave in even though I really didn’t want to as that is painful. Then the guy disconnected on me when losing