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    Been wondering guys,

    Has anyone found any pretty good batsmen bowlers? I don’t mean allrounders, but batsmen who can hold their own when having a bowl? Like a Joe Root type but better. Is anyone daring to use 7 batsmen and only 4 bowlers in 1day/T20 games, again not including all rounders. Ok the man might be getting knocked about slightly, but can he make the cut?

    Ive come across a few bowlers who are pretty good with the bat (not allrounders) but up to now no noticeable batters who can bowl?

    Any thoughts? Do they exist at the moment?

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    Based on the fact he does it in real life for Essex I sometimes use Dan Lawrence on spinning decks. Has worked to good effect but I would never give him a full allowance. I actually think Root can do similar job.


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      They do come up and are something to look for in regens.

      When I do find one I find that if I use them early in the season in favourable conditions their bowling. Just one or two wickets can get some momentum behind them and I can drop them in with more confidence. Many, many years ago Ned Eckersley was a mean LO bowler and I would use him as a front line bowler but haven’t really found one since.


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        I’ve seen people online use kohli wire a bit of affect, his medium pace can be annoying to play against


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          On the game it's a tactic that works too well compared to real life. Jamesy using Lawrence always gets a wicket, even if I don't attack him.

          Makes me think of back in the day when Vince Wells - who was a wicket keeper batsman on the game - used to open the bowling for Leicestershire and take tons of wickets for the computer.


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            Straya01 had this medium pace batter called Butt. Goes for runs but always takes wickets against me, once got a five for


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              Never to the extent that I'd go in with just 4 bowlers, but I'll often try to get a cheap over or two from a part timer, and it allows me to give an over less to a proper bowler who is going for a lot of runs.


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                I opened with my two opening batters in a dead rubber T20I and they reduced Australia to 4-5!

                Also, I sometimes bring on a batsman to bowl when I want a bowler to get a 5er or a 10er and the batsman ALWAYS gets the last wicket and denies someone the glory!


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                  Sureshot I think this is a serious flaw that needs to be looked at. Shikhar Dhawan, who's never bowled in international cricket can come and play in the online game and take 4/50 from ten overs, with three maidens.

                  The pitch was all green for spin and seam on a hot sunny day. I also didn't even go all out and attack him. I played on 4 or 5 bars aggression with settled batsmen a lot of the time. It makes a mockery of the game for players who don't even bowl to come out and do this. It's incredibly unrealistic for a batsmen, who never bowls comes on and gets top order batsmen out like this.



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                    galvatron this is a serious issue with the gameplay indeed. Although I haven't experienced this in an ODI, in Test matches, when 4 bowlers are chosen (2 seam and 2 spin), I've noticed that the AI always makes some medium pacer bowl 1st change for a couple of overs! In SA, its Temba Bavuma, van der Dussen, etc. For India, it may be Dhawan if he's considered a medium pacer in the game!


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                      Happens again...

                      14 needed from the final over. Part time bowler who's only ever bowled 20 overs in FC cricket... never taken a T20 wicket.

                      Two specialist batsmen settled on over 30.

                      Result: defends it with 5 runs to spare.

                      Imagine in real life:

                      Let's say you've got some top quality batsmen, not even top top draw. Let's say Travis Head and Olly Pope. So good players but not best of the best. Six wickets in hand.

                      They're on 30 not out each.

                      They need 14 to win.

                      The opposition brings on David Warner to bowl the final over.

                      Does anyone actually think that would be defended? Sureshot. It's ruining the game for me. This is a bug and shouldn't be able to happen so often. I can accept that Root or S Smith can come on and get wickets because they bowl sometimes in real life. But guys who NEVER even bowl coming on and getting wickets in these situations is insane.


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                        You know the saying... S%#T GETS WICKETS.

                        ~I Love Lamp~


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                          S Iyer getting 2-26 from 4 overs vs me in a T20 again...

                          His bowling strike is 11.8 for this guy online.

                          Does the game know something S Iyer doesn't know himself?
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