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How is the long-term player generation in 2020?

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  • How is the long-term player generation in 2020?

    I tend to play very long-term games (40+ seasons). In the last three versions I've bought, player generation has broken down after a while.

    In 2012, generated bowlers were terrible, averaging 35+.

    In 2014, the game stopped generating specialist spinners and had very few all-round spinners.

    In 2016, my current version, there are only a few specialist spinners, and a few more all-round spinners. Most county teams don't have a single spinner in their entire squad.

    Has anyone with a particularly long game observed whether the balance is better in 2020? I'd rather not buy it if the same problem will happen again.


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    From what I’ve found it’s random. I’ve had saves that create good types of players for all positions but I’ve also had a save like yours that made no test quality bowlers how ever long I kept going


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      I'd say it's good. The game will churn out various types of bowlers, the full array of batsmen and wickies. But I don't recall seeing many all rounders at all. In terms of quality there is no shortage of new test standard players.


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        Quality all rounders become v rare but otherwise I'm pretty impressed with it? I've noticed there's a bias toward bowler quality in Regents over batsmen.


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          I’ve found it is ok, though as in previous years I seem to get some saves where I get a plethora of fast bowers with few fast-medium or some brilliant spinners and few outright quicks.

          There are very few genuine all-rounders but then there can be a long time between absolutely world class all-rounders.
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            To the point about bowlers outweighing batters I agree. The best batsmen regens seem to be at the level of Azam, Smith, Kohli but the best regen bowlers are better than any current bowlers on the game.

            Regarding all rounders some saves I can play 10+ years and not find one half decent all rounder yet a few of my more recent saves I’ve had a few world class all rounders come in the first season.

            Some saves also quality keepers with the bat seem hard to find when in real life pretty much all keepers bat well now or don’t get a game.


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              I think the game produces a higher proportion of seamers compared to spinners. It's very hard to find a quality spinner.

              Usually you're all rounders end up with similar records. They might average about 40 with the bat and around 30 with the ball in FC - these are your best ones. I've never had better than this.

              There are very few good wicket keeper batsmen - unless you're South Africa, who will have an entire team of them.

              There are hardly any left handed batsmen.


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                The proportion of all-rounders seems about right for England. Most of our all-rounders have averages that settle in the low 30s with both bat and ball. Even now you could argue that Stokes is becoming a batsman who bowls while the last all-rounder of such quality was Botham who was more of a bowler who could bat.

                The dearth of top drawer English spinners isn’t far wrong either. We do get players who are quite average but have bursts of form or purple patches for a few seasons but it isn’t very often we produce a spinner who would be picked for a sub-continental team.

                We do, however produce lots and lots of fast-medium and medium-fast bowers who can swing the ball. If a young lad can put the ball down really quickly they are often fast-tracked into teams because every team wants an outright quick.