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Cricket Captain 2020 Version 20.12 Released on Steam, Mac (20.32), iOS (20.62) and Android (20.82)

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  • Cricket Captain 2020 Version 20.12 Released on Steam, Mac (20.32), iOS (20.62) and Android (20.82)

    Cricket Captain 2020 has been updated across all platforms:

    Cricket Captain 2020 fix-list 20.12 (Steam), 20.32 (Mac), 20.62 (iOS) and 20.82 (Android)
    - Reduced wicket chance when batting on max aggression
    - Reduced retired hurt chance
    - Fixed issue with AI not generating players when not enough to make an XI
    - Fixed swapping of batsmen in 100 ball matches
    - Updated database
    - Updated international fixtures
    - Randomised groups for Eng OD Trophy
    - Fixed duplicate bad light message
    - Added joint winners for Test Champ Final if drawn
    - Stopped conflict between 100 ball Final and Challenge Trophy SF
    - Multiplayer optimisations
    - Fixed overseas contract lengths

    The iOS and Android versions from:
    PC and Mac versions from:
    The PC version is available at 10% off Steam price, exclusively from:

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    How many of these changes are active for existing saves? I assume the "Updated database" needs a new save to have an effect but what about the contract lengths and fixture/schedule changes?

    Hopefully the max aggression wicket chance and retired hurt changes work on older saves as match engine changes rather than database edits?


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      The fixtures will take affect when you next change season with an old save (or from the start of a new save), contracts change the next time you go in to a contracts section. Everything else works with old saves, except the database changes.


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        Thanks for the info


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          New kits for Leicestershire and Derbyshire look great Nige! Cheers for sorting.


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            Thanks, Lynx.

            The hotfix to fix an issue with overseas contracts is live on Steam and Mac now. iOS waiting for review and Android should be available tomorrow.


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              The iOS Hotfix is live now, just waiting on Google to review Android.