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How flexible is the AI?

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  • How flexible is the AI?

    There still seems to be very little flexibility in how the AI picks it’s team or in it’s tactics.

    I am plodding along happily with my Glamorgan save, making it to the OD final and T20 semis and pressing for the Championship title. For the last few seasons I have had strong opposition from Surrey in all three formats with Sussex just behind us. Half way through the FC season Surrey are ahead by a decent margin though they have a game in hand and we have yet to play them, the home match scheduled amongst the LO matches and the away match after the initial rounds of the OD and T20 knock-out stages.

    The first match we play at home and they bat first, putting up a decent total on a bouncy pitch. Batting is hard going and none of my batsmen can pick up the strike rate but we grind out a total 158 ahead with 4 sessions to go. We go at them hard and manage to bow them out with about 15 overs remaining and 89 to chase down on difficult pitch. We get there with 4 wickets but not without a scare. It is a good match with the AI adjusting it’s tactics well in the second innings to slowly drag towards a position where the match was at least competitive.

    All good for the competition, we have borrowed their lead to 14 points and the competition is wide open.

    The second match is a let down. The pitch has no bounce and two bars of spin, however the AI chooses four (good) seamers - the Curran brothers, all-rounder Ryan Hoggins and Olle Stone. No spinner at all despite having Danny Briggs and Will Jacks in the squad as well as a regen OS who has had a decent start to OD and T20 cricket. While neither Briggs or Jacks are particularly terrifying prospects on a turning pitch you would play them.

    I play both an off and leg spinner and totally trash them, they even fall just short of a batting point. Even though the spinners didn’t clean up on their own they were a constant threat on this wicket and allowed the seamers to pick up wickets at the other end.

    It has proved to be a bit disappointing. While there are four matches left in the season and Sussex are just 6 points behind one of the title contenders are out of the running because of a bizarre team selection.

    Is there really so little flexibility in the AI? I can just about understand why there would be strictly random pitches (though playing away it should favour the Squad make-up of the AI) but there is no reason why the AI should only be able to pick it’s best bowlers rather than it’s best bowlers for the conditions. This isn’t the first time it has happened - I would say it is the norm - but why? It feels like this should be something that should have been sorted by now.

    I would also contend that this is a match that if I had been in my opponents position - ahead on points and having played one match more there was a point in the match where I would have played for the draw but the AI was far far too aggressive.

    After bowling them out I smashed some quick runs and set them about 350 to chase down on day 4. The pitch was turning a lot by then and I had a good bowling attack. Baring in mind the first innings performance I would have built slowly, knowing that it would be very unlikely to get the win but that a draw would keep me in the title race. The AI went for all-out attack and although it backed off once three wickets had fallen it was too late. I didn’t get the last man out until late in the final session so with better tactics a draw was quite feasible.

    Again, this is a bit disappointing and shows a lack of flexibility in the AI’s ability to play to the match conditions. The time when AI can take account of league/series positions is obviously some way off too.

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    I have raised this issue many times but still I didn't get an effective reply.