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  • Retired hurt

    This isn't an issue specific to CC20 but to every edition, but players retiring hurt happens pretty frequently, and in every instance, the player cannot return to bat. Malcolm Marshall came out to bat with a broken arm! I would like an option to at least consider recalling an injured batsman - even if the doctor is against it!

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    Khw I couldn’t agree more.
    This happens far too frequent and I mentioned this in my “Animations” thread earlier this week. What’s particularly galling is they get hit from the same ball that they deliberately step in front of! and mostly never come back out.
    You can pick an injured player to go on tour, I’ve done this myself, carefully working out when they’ll be fit (Root recovering from broken finger) missed just one test and this works perfectly, so why can’t we have the option to bring back in a batsman with a broken bone etc..


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      Retiring hurt is quite rare in reality but in the game it's very frequent. Sometimes a guy can't come back out to bat three days later when the game could be won/saved!


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        It does seem to occur a bit too much. I've just had my top batsman retire hurt in the first innings when he was on 99. That's not the first time I've someone on 99 runs retire hurt, which makes it feel like a script but is probably just a coincidence.

        I do seem to have my players retire hurt a lot more than the AI though. In my 4th season now I think I've seen 1 AI player retire across the whole career, maybe 2, while I get 3-4 per year in county FC matches. I'll have to start keeping a record to make sure that's not selective memory.

        I do think we should get lesser injuries though... not always the 5 week absences they seem to be. It would be better as galvatron says if sometimes they're only temporary and can return later in the game.


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          What about replacing them with in match like concussion replacement


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            Feedback noted, guys. I'm discussing with Chris.