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  • Unrealistic AI Batting

    I suspect I may be covering something that has already been talked about on here, but wasn't sure what to search to find it. But was keen to get the opinions of other people playing the game.

    I'm playing ICC2020...i'ts the first game I've had for years tbh as I felt when the animations were updated (back in 13 or something...I just found the game started to feel unrealistic in terms of scoring). But hooked in by some of the features such as creating my own World XI I've given it another go. But I'm just finding the scoring remains seemingly quite unrealistic.
    I've read some posts on here about methods used to keep AI scoring down, but having just given it a go it doesn't feel as if it wanted to see what people thought.

    I've just started a game as Derbyshire. First game of the County Championship I play against Leicestershire. They score 413 on the first day. And that was with me trying to be conservative with my bowling...keeping it game at 2 bars for periods. I know the game has become 'batting friendly' in recent years...but that's 140 runs a session...which is crazy on the first day of a championship match.
    Thinking perhaps its the conditions...I push a couple of my batsman up to 4 bars to try and push things along...and tumble to 95 for 5. the second innings, bearing in mind I'm now trying to bat out time...both my batsman are set at 2 bars to start with. And yet for no apparent reason after 10 overs I'm on 60?!? I think OK...maybe one of my batsman is just naturally I check his profile to find he's described as 'defensive style'...and has set off at a strike rate of 100 (on only 2 bars)...when his career strike rate is just 50!

    This is one example of a host I've had. But I'm finding it is making it impossible to play the game. I was keen to see what other people thought/felt?

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    To be honest I've found the match engine strong this year.

    One thing that has really helped my bowling in the four day games is picking an attack for the conditions and ensuring if you're at home the pitch suits you and not the opposition. For example off the top of my head Derbyshire don't have a great spinner whereas Leicestershire have 3 in Lilley, Ackermann and Parkinson so prepare a seaming wicket. Also bowl very attacking with the new ball, at batsman who are new to the crease or when conditions are overcast and suit seam bowling. If one batsman gets going then try and shut him down by bowling defensively and focus on the other end. Sometimes you'll take tap from both ends and all you can do is rotate your bowlers and wait for the breakthrough.

    When batting don't up the ante until your batsmen begin to get more settled, keep an eye on who the bowler is, you can often single out a weaker fourth of fifth bowler and knock them about. Drop your aggression at the start of new sessions, your batsman will quickly settle again and you can up their agression after seeing off the vulnerable period after the break.

    In white ball cricket drop your bowling agression as the innings continues to tie the batsmen down. When batting be patient, you can score heavily in the last 20 of the overs. I've found it very hard to score heavily during the power play which I think the devs could do with looking at to be honest.


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      Great point about scoring quickly during power play, definitely needs a look


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        Dont think its hard to score in the powerplay. I chased down 140 vs ireland playing as india in 10.2 overs


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          Lynx54321 Cheers for those points. I had suspected it could just be I wasn't very good at it lol


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            The powerplay can always be difficult. Remember that the best two quick bowlers will usually open the bowling and are therefore more likely to take wickets.

            Always keep in mind the comparative quality of the batsmen to the bowlers. If I have two in form high scoring openers I can start on 7 bar aggression against average bowlers but if there are a couple of international quality bowlers and my batsmen are in ok but not great form I take it down to 6. If they start taking wickets I take it back again until there is a bowling change then bump the aggression back up.


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              Yup I just think their should be a higher chance of more wickets qnd runs in the power play- at the moment it seems very similar to the middle overs - atleast for me anyway


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                Originally posted by locutus243 View Post
                Lynx54321 Cheers for those points. I had suspected it could just be I wasn't very good at it lol
                Ha no problem. To be honest up until very recently I was terrible and I'd still say I'm average at best, I can manage mostly in t20s and red ball cricket but my record in the one dayers must be appalling!

                It helped me to watch some of the videos posted by other players in the stories section just to see how others actually play. Biggest thing for me was learning that I actually have to actively play the game, not just whack my players on a certain level of aggression and watch them go which is what I got away with on previous iterations of the game.