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  • An idea for traits


    I've been considering how players could be given more individuality and personality in future editions of the game.

    I've come up with an idea that builds upon what is already in game and tried to approach this from a direction that minimises coding requirement as well as hands on work for Sureshot in terms of updating players in the database.

    So batsmen currently have a small selection of traits/strength which consist of:

    Aggression level (Ultra defensive to very aggressive)

    Off/leg side preference

    Pace/spin preference

    So this idea builds upon this with additional traits and uses existing stats to determine these additions for existing players to minimise the manual element in the database. An example could be:

    A player has a high % of his white ball runs from 6s. We know therefore that he likes to have a swing and can hit it hard. This player gets the trait 'power hitter'. The benefits of this are increased potency during the power play if an opener and increased potency during the last overs if a middle order batsman (enabling the player to act as a finisher. For the player this adds to considerations for both team selection and squad composition (perhaps players with this trait cost more to help with balance) and if this was added to the technique coaching options then it improves coaching and poses the option of retraining a 'power hitter' from opener to middle order if you need a finisher etc.

    Other batting traits identifiable from stats could be:

    Accumulator - low white ball strike rates - protects wicket so will hang about but struggle to score quickly, think Shai Hope in OD cricket.

    High conversion (red ball) - ratio of 50s to tons - boost to batting when between 50 and 100.

    Bowling traits could be:

    Economic (red ball) - Low bowling economy - ideal to tie down an end in the long format.

    Death bowler - low white ball economy - bonus to economy in powerplay/death overs in white ball cricket.

    Strike Bowler - poor economy but good bowling strike rate - will be expensive but the player to turn to when you need a breakthrough.

    These are just a few ideas, this pretty embryonic as a concept, you'd have to fine tune and balance the traits as well as decide statistically how they're applied.

    Initially I'd expect the list of traits to be concise and their application spared for the stand out players who really merit it. 2 or 3 players in a team might have a trait for example.

    In fact some of these things may already be in the game, but if they are then they're hidden and perhaps a 'trait' system would help the player identify certain players to play roles within their team by giving some visibility without exposing attributes whilst adding selection, squad building and coaching possibilities.

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    Fantastic idea. I'm sure we'll be able to add this one to the total of precisely 0 features implemented by the devs following suggestions on this forum.


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      Great idea. This could be the solution of many problems. Currently we see spinners or part-timers bowling in death overs too often. If there's a trait like death bowling specialist, we can have that problem solved.
      There are players like Imad Wasim who are just economical not much wicket-taker, so these economical bowlers are often under-rated in the game as they have high bowling average. This can also be solved by 'economical' trait.
      Appreciate your ideas, hope they can be implemented by devs


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        Hope devs look into it. Its a fantastic idea. I am fine even if its implemented in 2022 version as it might be very time consuming to manually add traits in such a large datavase of players