So I picked up CC2020 for the first time since the 2017 version of the game. Most of the things I love about the game are still there, would love to see some new animations and still a few minor gripes (seamers getting LBWs from around the wicket etc...) but mostly the game I like.

But, I've been playing this game on and off for nearly a decade now and I still have absolutely no idea how to bat in t20s. I bowl against the AI and guys regularly come out and smash the face off the ball - either that or they're 25/5 - very little in between.

Yet when I bat... I needed 17 off 18 balls earlier with six wickets in hand, a piece of piss. Have both batsmen set ticking along nicely one about the 7th aggression bar. The over goes 004000. OK... no plays and misses, no chances, no edges - just dots. So I dial up the aggression to get the job done and... play and miss, 1 run off an edge, wicket, play and miss, play and miss, dot. I lost the game by five runs with four wickets in hand.

The first *six* sections of the batting aggression bar show a target run per over of below 7 - which essentially makes them worthless in t20. With the other formats I at least feel the batting aggression meter gives me some control over how I play, in t20s it just seems inadequete. All the more frustrating as when bowling I don't seem to see the AI have the same issues. I just think we need a lot more control over how we bat in t20s that's more than just... be slightly more aggressive. It doesn't really make much sense, never mind the fact that the top two aggression slots frequently seem to just be an excuse for a load of plays and misses.