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Batting in t20s still feels like an absolute mess

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    I play on Normal (where's the fun in making things easy?!). I also had CC18, and had the exact same issues on that – unlike you I never managed to crack it on there. I did win the one-day cup a couple of times on CC18 though, so it's not like I can't do limited overs at all.

    I think the form thing is a big issue – I just constantly find my players in a death spiral of form. That was particularly a problem in this South African save, where they don't play 2nd XI, so there's no opportunity for them to be playing behind the scenes and getting their form back up (training doesn't really seem to work quickly enough to get them going within the short period of a franchise tournament). By the end of this season I think only two or three of the batters in my whole squad were above 2 stars of form.

    I do wonder if maybe looking at the overall stats is misleading me a bit as to who actually is an effective/useful T20 player. A good example in this season was one of my senior openers, who averaged 26 for the season (which wasn't far off his in-game career average), which I guess isn't terrible, but breaking his individual performances down, he got 3 half centuries, but other than that he only scored more than 15 once – so, while he had not the worst average, looking at it in more depth he only really had a good impact on 3 out of the 11 games he played. So maybe I need to look beyond the numbers a bit more when signing players and try to get a sense of those who are more consistently effective in the format.

    I know the 150–170 bracket is fairly normal for T20 and it is possible to win from there – as I've said before I think I've got pretty decent at T20 bowling, and in fact, that match I described in my last post where I had the spectacular collapse and finished on 167 after being comfortably on course for a huge total, I actually bowled the oppo out for about 115 so that ended up being a huge win (incidentally, that oppo ended up winning the tournament, which suggests my team could compete if it wanted to!). I'm certainly not expecting to smash 200+ every time, but I'd hope to get a little closer more regularly than I do – the number of times I only manage 130–150 in perfect conditions is infuriating (and is almost never enough to win). And that's a common thing for me batting first or second – I've lost so many games batting second where I've kept the oppo to 170 or less in perfect conditions, which seems a fairly good effort, and then failed miserably to chase it down.
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