2016 Fix List (PC)

Cricket Captain 2016 has been updated

You should now all be prompted to update the game through Steam. You will need Steam in Online mode to get this update.

You can check the version number you are currently running by looking at the 'Options' screen.

Cricket Captain 16.10 fix list

  • Updated player database for non-U.K. teams
  • Fixed generation of additional youth players after contract section for non-U.K. first class teams.
  • Fixed iOS/Mac crash caused by Dropbox synchronizing on auto-save.

Cricket Captain 16.09 fix list

  • Fixed crash exiting Internet Lobby but remain logged in.
  • Fixed hang on Internet toss screen if player challenged in single player while remained logged in.
  • Fixed issue with SA, NZ and Indian players not retiring.
  • Fixed issue with some saves incorrectly ineligible for online play.
  • Improved generation of NZ, SA and Indian players.

Cricket Captain 16.08 fix list

  • New database (thanks to feedback from the forum).
  • Australian pitches more bowler-friendly.
  • Player availability in contracts fixed for mobile versions.
  • Fixed bug exiting the lobby in on-line games.

Cricket Captain 16.07 fix list

  • Updated database (thanks to the forum community for suggestions).
  • Fixed occasional freeze with new ball message.
  • Added delay to LBW out commentary.
  • Fixed competition stats skipping a year for English players.
  • Improved contract AI for non-user teams signing keepers.
  • Fixed Coin Toss crash (Network game only).
  • Improved handling of disconnections in-match (Network game only).
  • Stopped messages appearing for overseas players that don't re-sign.
  • Fixed crash if background noise was off and then turned on.
  • Fixed issues with Mali 800 chipsets (Android only).

Cricket Captain 16.06 fix list

  • Updated database (thank you to the forum community for feedback).
  • Fixed crash when finishing last group match in NZ 20 over.
  • Fixed NZ One Day Trophy elimination stage.
  • Fixed green/yellow highlights at certain times of the day.
  • Updated NZ regen names.
  • Removed floodlight effects for low-end devices (performance issue).
  • Added additional night matches to all game modes.
  • Corrected Ind v Eng and Ban v Eng winter fixtures.
  • Allowed Bangladesh to be selected in Champions Cup Tournament mode.
  • Fixed Super 8 and Super 10 achievements.

Cricket Captain 16.05 fix list

  • Added Dropbox cloud save support.
  • Fixed crash when playing matches at Chennai.
  • Improved background crowd noise.

Cricket Captain 16.04 fix list

  • Fixed user-controlled associate nation matches being skipped in knock-out stages of competitions.
  • Fixed issue with SA regen names.

Cricket Captain 16.03 fix list

  • Fixed end of season crash if national team was different to the domestic system nation.
  • Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif made available for Pakistan.
  • Adjustment to ODI team selection.
  • Fixed texture corruption with beehive and pitch map.
  • Improved stump rendering in wide angled views.